AKRON, OH (WCMH) – An Akron teen was arrested after police say he fired several shots into a neighbor’s home.

The teen made investigators’ jobs easy by streaming the whole thing on Facebook.

The Facebook videos show the teen waving around a rifle and a 9mm handgun, then pointing both toward an open window and firing.

WEWS reported the teen seems to be amused by the indiscriminate gunfire before he covers the window with a curtain.

His neighbor, Tonya Watts, wasn’t so amused as her home was hit by gunfire. Continue Reading

Can this kid be any dumber?

Streaming yourself shooting a rifle and pistol out your window at your neighbor’s house and putting it on Facebook Live is either a serious cry for help, or a desperate attempt for attention.

Either way, the police will meet both of those needs.

Where were the parents?

This kid is lucky the police got to him first, because Ms. Tonya Watts sounds like she was about to whoop his ass.


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