On September 14 Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA-12) called on the Republican-led House to allow a “gun vote” on new versions of old controls that Democrats have been pushing for years.

In hopes of gaining traction, Pelosi presented the vote as a way to do something for children.

She tweeted, “House GOP, give us a gun vote. What are you afraid of?” She ended the tweet with “#gunviolence #doyourjob.”

A video embedded in the tweet shows Pelosi standing on the House floor, saying:

Whose political survival is more important than the lives of these children, of those people in church, of those young people out on a Saturday night, people who go to the movies? Whose political survival is more important than protecting the American people? That’s the oath we take, “to protect and defend,” whether it’s the Constitution, whether it’s protecting our country, national security, our neighborhood security, our personal security.

She also suggested House Republicans need to allow a “gun vote” as a way to “respond to those moms and family members and survivors from Pulse who said, ‘Why? Why are you not passing legislation in the House of Representatives to prevent gun violence, to save lives?’” (Read more)

In her never ending quest to strip law abiding citizens of their constitutional rights, Ms. Pelosi took center stage to challenge the House GOP to allow a “gun vote” on various gun-control laws.

She tried tugging at the heart strings by referencing recent shootings, and the victim’s family members that are demanding new legislation.

By allowing a vote, these new gun laws would help prevent tragedies like Pulse from occurring.

Except they wouldn’t…

It’s not a lack of laws that caused or allowed these tragedies to happen, but a failure to uphold current laws, and allow law enforcement to do their jobs.

It’s funny that she mentioned “protecting the constitution” in her little rant. Maybe she should do her job and actually read the constitution so she can get a first-hand look at her own hypocrisy.

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