MANVILLE, NJ — A high school senior says he was suspended and ordered to undergo a psychological exam for completing an anti-gun-control school project he was assigned.

Manville school officials ordered a student who made an anti-gun control video to undergo a psychological evaluation before being allowed back in class, according to a report.

Frank Harvey said a Manville High School teacher instructed him to create a video arguing against gun control for a junior college readiness class last year, according to News 12 New Jersey.

Harvey produced a video that provided examples of people who used guns to defend themselves from home invaders, the report said. His video also displayed anti-gun-control political cartoons.

The teenager ran into trouble when he mistakenly left the thumb drive with the project on it in a computer in the school library. Someone found it and turned it over to the school administration, who then contacted police.

Manville police cleared Harvey but district officials suspended him and said he’d have to undergo a five-hour evaluation before being allowed back in school because the teacher said she didn’t recall giving him the assignment.

Harvey and his mother refused, according to News 12. He’s since withdrawn from school and is pursuing a GED. Continue Reading

This is yet another example of just how insane this world has become.

A kid was given an assignment.

He did the assignment. 

Then he gets suspended, and required to undergo a psychological evaluation.

This isn’t all that surprising, being that it’s taken place in New Jersey, but this is still outrageous.

Power move for just taking the kid out of the school.

Hopefully there will be some sort of repercussions for the administrators that made this decision.

But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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