Gun-controlled Australia is witnessing gun crime at such high levels that state and federal officials are pushing new controls that will do everything from enact a second national gun buyback to increase sentences for gun crime and illegal gun possession.

On September 11, Breitbart News reported that Melbourne, Australia, has witnessed more than one shooting a week since January 2015. The Age reported“Crimes associated with firearm possession have also more than doubled, driven by the easy availability of handguns, semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and, increasingly, machine guns, that are smuggled into the country or stolen from licensed owners.”

Now The Age reports that Melbourne’s gun problems extend to all of Victoria and often show themselves in violence against police officers.

For example, just in the course of the last year:

  • A police officer has been shot in the head with a shotgun blast after attempting to stop a vehicle suspected to have been involved in a series of shooting and firebombing attacks on the homes of the Williams crime family.
  • A police van was shot as officers attempted to intercept a suspected stolen vehicle.
  • Members of the Hells Angels bike gang were believed to be behind bullets being fired into a police building in a suspected revenge attack.

When Breitbart News first reported on Melbourne’s soaring gun crime, the city’s experience was compared to Chicago, where gun control experiment after gun control experiment has simply correlated with guns being consolidated in the hands of criminals. That comparison is even more apropos now that The Age reports one of the problems in Melbourne — and Victoria overall — is that penalties for gun crimes are not being enforced. (Continue reading)

What do you do when gun crimes are souring in your country, but you’ve already had a government mandated buy-back/confiscation of firearms?

You guessed it.


When your entire country in being compared to Chiraq (Chicago), you’re doing something wrong.

The idea of “gun-control” sounds great. All crime will stop, no one will ever die, and we will all live happily ever after.  

This fantasy can never work.

It has been attempted at a city level, state level, and now national level. All three producing the exact same results.

Law abiding citizens are left without a way to protect themselves, leaving only criminals armed and able to do as they please.

It doesn’t take a whole lot of brain power to see that this is a failed experiment.

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