(FOX59)- Sick of violent crime in his neighborhood, an Indianapolis pizzeria owner is hoping that people’s documented willingness to do almost anything for pizza will help get guns off the streets. Donald Dancy says the area surrounding D&C Pizza is “like a war zone,” so his newest promo gives customers the opportunity to trade a firearm for a pizza. They can go all-out with some sort of super-deluxe whatever, too: The coupons he printed entitle holders to “any extra-large pizza” in exchange for “any gun.”

While Dancy isn’t interested in where the weapon came from, finding one doesn’t seem to be too taxing for his customers. “I can see kids 14 through 18 coming in here and buying a pizza and their guns fall out,” he tells Fox 59. He’s working to finalize a “collection process” right now with police so that in the event this promotion really takes off D&C doesn’t start building a small arsenal of its own.

First take of this, it looked as though a a pizzeria was offering free food for patrons that were legally carrying a firearm. Should have know better with it being in DC…

Instead of rewarding law abiding citizens carrying guns, they’re rewarding thugs for turning (probably stolen) guns in. Even though the first idea would actually produce results.

Despite the last sentence of the report, it’s hard not to assume the owners of the pizza shop might have figured out a brilliant way to acquire more weapons. Just might have to try this out as well under the guise of “gun control”.

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