Range365A company called MT Tactical wants to bring to market a host of firearm-specific camera mounts that will let people not only record their shooting experiences for posterity and publication, but also allow them to evaluate their own performance.

The mounts of various sizes and lengths with articulating joints will work with the rail systems currently present on firearms and be compatible across multiple devices, like smartphones, GoPros, and professional cameras.
MT Tactical launched its efforts last week on the crowdfunding site fundable.com, but it wasn’t an easy road to get there. Billy Birdzel, the Director of MT Tactical said in an email that because their products were considered firearms accessories, they were turned away from some of the most prominent crowdfunding sites in the world.

“MT Tactical was denied access to nearly every crowd funding platform (e.g., Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Crowdfunder) because our tactical camera mount was considered to be a firearms accessory,” Birdzell said in the email. “Fundable was the only site that allowed our participation — no doubt the others frowned upon a technology that allows people to share their experiences hunting and shooting.”

While the roadblocks have been annoying speed bumps, Birdzell said it won’t effect MT Tactical’s determination.

“While the anti-gun bias has been frustrating, it has neither surprised us nor stymied our larger goal of bringing the premier tactical camera mount to market,” he wrote. “In fact, the challenge is demonstrative of why hunters, shooters and firearms enthusiasts need to begin filming and sharing their experiences every chance they get. Waiting for others to tell our story is not an option.”

At the time of this post, the site has raised $3,405 of it’s $35,000 goal from 24 backers, with 23 days left in the campaign.

These major crowdfunding sites are designed to give anyone the opportunity to raise capital to fund their dreams. That is unless your dream has ANYTHING to do with firearms.

At least they found somewhere to post their campaign. I’d like to think that when the mainstream world tries to squash the dreams of guys like this, support from gun-loving Americans will flood in 10-fold.

Full disclosure- I have no affiliation with MT Tactical. Just think these are good guys with an awesome product.

Check out the products and support their campaign HERE

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