Dallas, GAHead Down Products has teamed up with a local ammo manufacturer in a collaborative effort to optimize your hunting and shooting experience even more.

This was a two part goal:

1. Develop a top-of-the-line hunting round capable of taking down large game using the .223/5.56 platform.

2. Provide a cost effective, reliable, and quality bulk ammo option.

“These tasks were not taken lightly. Head Down Products doesn’t just endorse anything. If we put our skull on it, or throw it on our website, you better believe we have tested it, and tested it again to make sure it meets our standard of quality and performance.” -Head Down owner Lee Queen.

When asked about the hunting round, Head Down owner David Hunsucker said, “We wanted a heavy, quality load that would put a pig in the dirt and keep him there. We also wanted a round capable of long distance accuracy that would optimize our Head Down rifles and barrels. We believe we have found just that with this custom .223 60gr V-Max.”

There are numerous companies out there making claims about the quality and “expected performance capabilities” of their ammunition. That’s all well and good, but there’s really only one way to gauge the capabilities of a bullet (and that’s not holes in paper).

You wouldn’t put regular gas in a Ferrari, so why shoot regular ammo out of your Head Down rifle?

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