Ken Scott, owner and founder of the Provectus Group, walks your through what to look for when purchasing kydex hosters.

He also takes an in depth look at Head Down Product’s kydex holsters, and why he thinks they manufacture a quality holster at an affordable price.

Ken’s career started over 14 years ago as a Private Security Contractor, doing everything from static security to eventually Personal Security Details.

He then got into Law Enforcement and eventually moved into the Special Operations side of Law Enforcement as a K9 Handler and eventually a Commander over a Criminal Task Force.

During this time period he realized his second calling, to be an instructor. He eventually became a Certified General Instructor and Specialized Instructor through certifying through the Georgia Police Officers Standard of Training, and the Department of Homeland Security Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. 

Through the wealth of knowledge he acquired over his extensive career, and his passion to teach and empower people to protect themselves, Ken formed the Provectus Group, and organization focused on weapons training, in home defense, law enforcement and private sector consultations.

The Provectus Group strips away all of the fluff, and theatrics you see being paraded around by other “tacticool” firms. They simply give you the tools that you need to save yours, your family’s or a perfect stranger’s life.


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