For the man that has everything, or the one that wants the most badass flask ever, The Macallen x URWERK Flask is for you.

A unique phenomenon occurs when you give watch engineers more latitude than they have ever worked with before…

In a unique collaboration, we threw down the gauntlet to one of the most technically advanced and luxurious timepiece creators in the world – URWERK. The challenge was to transform the traditionally small and simple everyday object of a whisky flask into something extraordinary, far beyond the expected.

Introducing The Macallan x URWERK Flask.

Composed of over 150 parts, The Macallan x URWERK Flask has purposeful complexity and intricacy at its heart; combining the beauty of design with genuine utility. Reflecting The Macallan’s inherent mastery, intricacy and individuality combined with URWERK’s unconventional design approach and revolutionary engineering, this is a statement of what can be achieved when whisky mastery meets obsessively engineered horology.

A machined aluminium, titanium and stainless steel work of art featuring two titanium tanks, each with a 108ml capacity that allow you to carry two of your favourite Macallan whiskies at once. Winglets create a stand for the flask and cask indicators enable you to track the cask type and age of the whiskies inside. See More

flask2This is the definition of over-engineering, but for some reason I can’t help but want one.

The level of engineering and precision that goes into each flask is so intricate it would be like drinking from a fighter jet.

Or a flask-watch…

The primary drawback to this piece has to be the hefty sticker price of $2,450. But what do you expect with a one time only production run of 500.

This is an opportunity to have and incredibly unique product that you can arrogantly hold over your buddie’s heads while they drink there smuggled alcohol from their stainless steel Wal-Mart flasks like peasants.

Unfortunately, if ever did somehow over-serve myself one evening to the point of actually purchasing one of these, it would undoubtably suffer the same fate as every other flask I’ve ever owned.

Lost in the back of a cab or snagged by the groomsman no one likes.


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