(Daily Mail) – A video has captured the moment that two flight passengers claiming to be lawyers got into a vicious row over an arm rest.

Footage taken by another flier shows the man and woman shouting at each other as the flight crew desperate tries to calm them down.

Many of the other passengers on the plane, believed to be a Monarch Airways flight from Gatwick to Malaga in Spain, can he heard laughing as the pair’s feud escalates.

As the row intensifies and voices get louder, other fliers can be heard shushing the pair.

The woman then claims that she is a lawyer and ‘knows’ her rights, leading the other man to scream: ‘I’m a lawyer too, you stupid woman.’

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Flying is already a pain, and other than a crying baby, this has to be the most annoying thing that can happen on a flight.

These two “lawyers” are bickering like children over an arm rest, delaying the flight for everyone on board.

The flight crew attempted to remedy the situation, but clearly the two involved weren’t having it.

Why couldn’t they have just played rock-paper-scissors to settle the argument like normal children?

Also, claiming that you’re a lawyer in the middle of an dispute has to be the dumbest and most pretentious argument out there.


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