(PJ Star) – The father of a Peoria High School student caught on video wielding a knife while standing on table says he doesn’t know why she carried a knife to school. But, he said, school officials had designed an anti-bullying plan that was supposed to prevent the large fight that resulted in a Peoria police officer shocking her with a stun gun.

In one of the more memorable social-media scenes of several girls fighting, the girl stiffens and falls backwards from a cafeteria-style table after the officer shot her with the stun gun.

Her parents, who went with her from the hospital to the police station, said she seemed OK when they saw her, but she had a large bump on her head. They want to make sure she is examined fully. School officials said there were no injuries.

Though Peoria Public Schools administrators say they don’t have records of an anti-bullying plan being requested or needed, Milton Chappell Jr. portrayed his 15-year-old daughter as a girl who cracked after months of bullying.

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You can’t help but feel bad for the girl if this was in fact a last stand by a bullied teen, however what more could the responding officers have done?

She was clearly distraught, but after refusing to drop the knife and get down from the table, something had to be done.

Luckily the girl, and the other students were okay.

Any thankfully the officers ended the conflict before it escalated.


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