A video has emerged of a male teacher using a rear naked choke to break up a fight between two students.

The two students seem to get into an argument while working around computers.

Hands are exchanged, and then the smaller student takes the fight to the ground where he is seen climbing on top of the larger kid.

After a few moments of fighting, the teacher comes into frame and puts an end to the scuffle by choking the smaller student out.

Now some people are calling for the teacher’s job, saying that he should have never touched the student.

Did the teacher really go too far?

He clearly warned the student before using force to remove him from the other student.

What else is a teacher supposed to do when two kids are trying to kill each other in his classroom?

Not to mention, he didn’t even lock the choke hold in. It could have been a lot worse.

In my professional opinion if students want to act like big boys, they should be prepared to be treated like big boys.

Sometimes that means getting choked out.

Side Note: How great was the, “Step off or you’re going to go night-night” line? Instant classic.




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