The holiday season is here, and that means people across the country are purchasing gifts for their loved ones — millions of fitness trackers, cordless drills, kitchen appliances — and even binoculars in Idaho!

Drones were the most popular item gifted this holiday season, ranking number one in seven states across the U.S, according to our analysis of consumer data by state among 1.5 million users.

Technology was a purchasing trend in some of the western states, including drones in California, Washington and Arizona. Personal care seemed to resonate as top gifted items with many of the northeast, with popular purchases including electric toothbrushes in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. Food and home items were popular in the south — turkey fryers in Texas, Alabama, and Kentucky — while Oklahoma, Mississippi and South Carolina purchased cordless drills.

And then there were the unexpected purchases: flashlights in Iowa and North Dakota and Carpet Cleaners in Montana and North Carolina.

See the top purchases in your state HERE

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