Daily MailPolice are investigating an apparent gun attack on an official Olympic bus.

Two windows were shot through and glass sent over a team of journalists who were travelling between venues in Rio 2016 transport.

Police have had to deal with a number of anti Olympics demonstrations and resentment at the games has been high.

Detectives will examine whether the attack was fuelled by the opposition to the $10 billion games which have been marked by stayaway Brazilians.

A Turkish volunteer was said to have been injured by flying glass.

Twelve people were on board when the bullets or missiles were launched at the bus which is one of many used by athletes, officials and journalists.

The incident happened close to Barra and the Olympic Park.

‘There were minor injuries from glass shards but nobody was seriously hurt.’

Cherryl Michaelson, a retired US Air Force captain working for a basketball publication said: ‘We were shot. We could hear the reports of the gun.’

‘There were minor injuries from glass shards but nobody was seriously hurt.’

The Turkish male volunteer suffered ‘light wounds’ from the flying glass and shrapnel.’

So an official Olympic transport bus was shot up on the main road being used to transport athletes and media to and from the games.

If only there could have been some sort of warning that something like this was possible.

Some sort of sign months in advance.

Oh wait…

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