The Obama administration upped its commitment to get the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty ratified, a tall order since a bipartisan coalition of 50 senators have already said they oppose the gun treaty Secretary of State John Kerry signed three years ago.

Second Amendment advocates are concerned the treaty could provide an international law rationalization for a national gun registry in the United States, and is overly vague.

“The language is so vague is could almost mean anything. A lot could be done to rationalize gun control. The treaty has no prohibitions, no thou-shalt-nots,” Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, told The Daily Signal. “President [Barack] Obama has for some time used as a defense a cell phone and a pen and not the Constitution or even a treaty for taking action.”

On Aug. 22, the Second Conference of State Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty was held in Geneva. According to the State Department, the U.S. representative to the conference, William Malzahn, said the U.S. wanted to ratify the treaty that establishes export and import controls for combat vehicles, aircraft, and small arms and light weapons, but was already currently complying.

The United States remains committed to the Arms Trade Treaty, which we signed in September 2013. We are still working on the package to transmit the treaty to the U.S. Senate for its advice and consent to ratification. It is not clear when we will complete this, but we are actively working on it. … As we pursue ratification, let me assure everyone that the United States is already fully compliant with the requirements of the [Arms Trade Treaty] as the U.S. national control system exceeds those requirements.

Currently, 79 countries have ratified the treaty dealing with arms exports and imports, but diplomats from 109 countries participated in the gathering.

“The treaty has no prohibitions, no thou-shalt-nots,” @larrypratt says.

The treaty states that: “Each State Party shall establish and maintain a national control system, including a national control list, in order to implement the provisions of this Treaty.” It goes on to say, “Each State Party is encouraged to include in those records: the quantity, value, model/type, authorized international transfers of conventional arms covered under Article 2 (1), conventional arms actually transferred, details of exporting State(s), importing State(s), transit and trans-shipment State(s), and end users, as appropriate.” (src)

This should come as no surprise. 

The Obama administration has done whatever it can over the past eight years to combat gun violence.

Everything except develop legitimate solutions.

Now, with Obama’s tenure coming to an end, be prepared to see an increase in ridiculous as he tries to solidify his legacy.

This UN Arms Trade Treaty has extremely vague terminology that will undoubtably lead to national gun registries, like countries that have already signed the treaty.

Keep an eye out for this one folks…



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