The National Rifle Association and Henry Repeating arms teamed up on Monday, Nov. 14th, to celebrate the 2nd amendment and set a world record by firing 1000 .22 caliber rifled simultaneously.

PHOENIX, Ariz. – In celebration of Donald Trump’s presidential victory and to support Second Amendment rights, the National Rifle Association held an event in Arizona in which one thousand gun enthusiasts would set a world record by standing side-by-side and shooting their guns simultaneously.

Only one problem…Guinness World Records told the NRA that they had no category for the record and wouldn’t validate it.

The idea of getting 1,000 people shooting rifles side by side took root before Trump and Clinton engaged an a election campaign that mobilized gun rights advocates. Anthony Imperato, president of Henry Repeating Arms company that supplied the guns for the event, said he envisioned something big and patriotic when he conceived of the idea more than a year ago.

The NRA hoped its history-making event would aid that cause — protecting Second Amendment rights — although the history part could not be confirmed. The Guinness World Records would not validate the word-record claim, according NRA spokesman Jason Brown.

Brown said Guinness World Records told him by email that it had no such record and would create no such category. Shrugging it off, Brown said the NRA, not the Guinness World Records, is the authority when it comes to firearms, shooting competitions and related records. Continue Reading

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