(CT)- The National Rifle Association endorsed Republican nominee Donald Trump early in the general election cycle and has spent millions of dollars since trying to convince Americans that Trump was the only option for those who want to preserve the Second Amendment.

The NRA has released several powerful ads attacking Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton over her stance on gun rights. Its latest ad is a continuation of that theme, and it focused on what could happen to ordinary Americans if Clinton is elected.

The ad showed a shadowy figure breaking into a woman’s home. The woman heard the burglar, woke up and rushes to her phone to call 911.

“She’ll call 911. Average response time? 11 minutes,” the narrator stated. “Too late.”

The ad then showed the woman opening her safe where she kept a firearm, but then it showed the safe disappearing.

“She keeps a firearm in this safe for protection, but Hillary Clinton could take away her right to self-defense, and with Supreme Court justices, Hillary can,” the narrator said.

In the end, all the woman could do was stare at the burglar and hold her phone, which was the point of the ad.

“Don’t let Hillary leave you protected with nothing but a phone,” the narrator stated.

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