Oklahoma law enforcement are still on the hunt for a man accused of murdering two family members and shooting and injuring two police officers Sunday evening.


According to an Oklahoma County Sheriff Department’s announcement, Vance murdered his aunt and uncle, Ronald Wilkson, 55, and his wife, Valerie Wilkson, 54, at their residence in Luther, Oklahoma Sunday evening, then took off in their Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Koco News 5, reported that the murder scene was horrific.  “Valerie Wilkson was stabbed multiple times, including defensive wounds and a large cut near her arm/shoulder area, according to court documents. Ronald Wilkson was found inside the home with a large cut to his neck.  Investigators believe Vance tried to cut off Valerie Wilkson’s arm and Ronald Wilkson’s head, according to court documents. A large knife with blood on it was found in a kitchen sink.”

Vance shot two police officers near Wellston, Oklahoma (about 35 miles northeast of Oklahoma City), opening fire on them with an AK-47 after they arrived in response to a call about gunfire.  One officer was shot in the foot, another in the leg.  Police reportedly returned fire, hitting Vance twice in the torso, but that didn’t slow him down.

Instead, he stole the police vehicle and drove it to a mobile home park, where he carjacked a woman, shooting her in the process, although her injuries were reported as minor.    He fled in her white Lincoln Town car. Continue Reading

And this is what this world is coming to…

A man kills family members and shoots a couple of cops and then broadcasts his getaway on Facebook Live.

Thanks to technology and a culture that craves violence and attention, random idiots are able to broadcast their stupidity to countless viewers with the push of a button

It’s a whole new form of reality TV, but instead of scripted garbage, real lives are affected.

Hopefully this monster will be apprehended before he’s able to hurt anyone else.


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