COFFEE COUNTY, GA (WALB 10)— A mother fatally shot her daughter’s boyfriend after he threatened to kill her with a knife. The incident kicked off when the boyfriend got offended by a Facebook post and raced to the home where he then beat his girlfriend.

When her mother went to intervene, he allegedly pulled a knife and held it to the daughter’s throat, threatening to take her life. The mother used a firearm to shoot him. Roger Cochran, 27, died at the hospital according to.coffee2

This is a terrible tragedy, but one can only imagine how bad it could have been had the mother not been armed.

There are bad people everywhere in this world. It’s hard to tell who they are or when they’ll show up.

Worst of all, those bad people can be someone close to you.

Being armed is my the most effective way to protect yourself and your family- whether you’re out and about, or in the comfort of your own home.

coffee3If this same situation happened at your house with your child, would you be able to protect them like this Mom did?




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