DENVER — A California lab is creating quite the buzz with a new Breathalyzer that can detect alcohol and marijuana when someone exhales.

When it comes to being able to tell if someone has smoked marijuana recently and if they are stoned, breath is much better than urine or blood tests when it comes to detection.

THC, the part of marijuana that makes people high, can linger a long time in bodies, sometimes for days and even a month.

So authorities cannot use blood and urine tests to determine if someone has recently smoked marijuana because they can’t tell how long it has been.

The new device based on someone’s breath reportedly can do just that.

Matt Francis, a chemist at the University of California Berkeley, has spent the past 18 months developing the device.

“We had to develop some new chemistry that can actually be done,” he said. “It was not obvious when we started that we could tag this.”

Most law enforcement officials can determine when someone is impaired. But Sgt. David Dowty with the union that represents California Highway patrolmen, being able to make an arrest and being able to get a conviction are different things. Continue Reading

It was only a matter of time before something like this was developed.

No matter your view on marijuana for recreational use, this is a major step in the right direction.

Officers being able to determine whether or not a driver is impaired from smoking marijuana the same way they do for people driving under the influence of alcohol is crucial to keeping drivers safe, especially in states where marijuana is legal.


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