(AJC) – An elementary school teacher allegedly had alcohol on her breath and a loaded pistol in her purse at school Thursday, officials said.

A staff member at Shelton Elementary reported that 39-year-old Melanie Bullard smelled like she’d been drinking and school officials began an investigation about noon, Paulding County Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Ashley Henson said.Shelton

She is a kindergarten teacher, according to the school’s website.

Bullard tested positive for alcohol and the school resource officer looked in her purse for a container, Henson said. That’s when a loaded gun was found.

The purse was on the floor under a desk in her classroom, Henson said.

Bullard was arrested on reckless conduct and possession of a weapon on school property charges.

She was being held without bond, Henson said.

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Unfortunately for me and my neighbors, this is our local elementary school…

Here is the email we received from the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office:

pcoHey, some people have a bad day, but this is beyond reprehensible.

As someone close to the situation, I can tell you that parents and locals alike are disgusted at the behavior of the teacher and questioning school officials.

The officials did handle the situation appropriately, but allowing something like this to happen in the first place raises some definite red flags.

We will see what happens I suppose.

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