TEMPLE CITY, CA – An intruder attacked a woman with a wrench and fatally stabbed her with a samurai sword before turning himself in to deputies on Wednesday, authorities said.

A friend of the victim who tried to intervene was also injured in the attack.

The deadly attack was first reported about 12:05 p.m., according to Los Angeles County sheriff’s and fire officials.

Lt. John Corina of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau said the woman, 40, was at home with a friend, described as a 42-year-old San Gabriel man, when the attacker barged in through the unlocked front door.

He attacked the woman with a wrench that detectives believed he had brought with him to the home.

The killer then grabbed an ornamental samurai-style sword that was hanging on the wall and used it to finish her off.

“(The friend) sees what’s going on. He tries to stop him,” Corina said. The friend ended up receiving non-life-threatening wounds of his own before the attacker fled from the home. The injured friend was expected to be released from the hospital later Wednesday.

The woman’s 10-year-old son was also inside the home at the time of the attack but was unhurt, Corina said.

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Obviously the attacker had to be a jilted lover. Right?

That’s the only circumstance in which this attack makes sense.

Nothing was stolen, the attacker didn’t kill anyone else in the house, and they surrendered themselves to authorities.

Unless there are ‘serial wrenchers’ running around California (which also wouldn’t surprise me) I can’t think of another explanation.

Whatever the reason, it’s hard to imagine how someone could destroy that poor 10-year-old kid’s life like that.

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