HILLSBOROUGH (KRON) —  Hillsborough resident Peter Rauenbuehler was awoken by a mountain lion in his front yard on Wednesday morning.

At around 4 a.m., Peter and his wife woke to the sound of their three dogs barking.

Thinking it was a deer or coyote, they took a peek outside their door and discovered it was a mountain lion, less than 10 feet from their front door, Rauenbuehler said.

The mountain lion proceeded to drag the deer carcass over their front fence, the video shows.

The deer carcass was discovered later that morning a few houses down. Continue Reading

Down here in Georgia the largest predators you have to worry about are coyotes and bobcats, and maybe the occasional black bear.

Coyotes are a pretty big problem, and we have have plenty of trail cam footage showing just what they can do to the deer and house cat population around here.

But I have yet to see anything quite like this happen so close to the house.

In one interview the homeowners said that they were awoken by the sound of a loud ‘crack’, and figured a tree branch had fallen in the rain.

After investigating their dog’s barks, they found the cougar with the deer in it’s mouth and came to the conclusion that the sound they heard was probably the big cat snapping the deer’s neck.

If they were woken up by the sound of a deer’s neck snapping, then this whole thing had to have happened right outside their window.

Too bad they didn’t have additional cameras on the property. They could have had an entire Suburban National Geographic episode on their hands.

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