(NBC) – Authorities in Florida say two guests who tried to carry guns into Walt Disney World theme parks have been charged with carrying a concealed firearm.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office says 61-year-old Michael Langston of Louisiana was arrested at Epcot.

Langston revealed his gun after a Disney security officer selected him for a random metal detector screening.

An Orange County deputy sheriff uncovered the weapon — a loaded Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .380 Automatic — in a case underneath a jacket tied around Langston’s waist.

The deputy wrote in an arrest report that Langston had no intention of declaring his firearm to authorities and would have entered the theme park with a loaded gun had he not been selected for the metal detector.

23-year-old Baleigh Turner of Alabama was arrested at Disney’s Animal Kingdom a short time later on Monday. Turner’s weapon turned up in a search of her backpack.

Guns are strictly prohibited on Disney property, even for those with lawful concealed-carry permits.

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There are so many unanswered questions going on here, where to you even start…

First- why was Langston carrying a S&W Bodyguard, “in a case underneath a jacket tied around his waste” like an idiot?

The Bodyguard is one on the smallest guns on the planet, why not slip it into your pocket or maybe a holster?

You have to assume that it was his carry method that tipped the Disney security guard off, leading to him being chosen for a random screening.

Why would carrying it like a camel seem like the best idea? (I sincerely hope this is just a typo and case actually means holster, but nevertheless.)

Second- was this guy with anyone or was he rolling into Epcot with a loaded gun all by himself?

That seems like some pertinent information could change this whole story around for Mr. Langston.

Third- well there’s too little information about the Alabama woman that was arrested for having a gun in her backpack. 

I’m assuming she probably just forgot it was in there. 

I mean it is Alabama. It’s not that outlandish to have some sort of firearm in every bag you have.

Last- How dumb do you have to be to try to smuggle a gun into a place that’s more heavily guarded than the White House?

Just not smart.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s dumb that Disney is a “Gun Free Zone.”

But you have got to be better than this.

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