A Jupiter, Florida, man was arrested for throwing a live alligator into a Wendy’s restaurant drive-through east of Loxahatchee, according to WPTV.

Joshua James, 23, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, illegally killing, possessing or capturing an alligator, and second-degree larceny petit theft, according to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office.

He has not been released on bail as of Monday afternoon. WPTV reports that the incident occurred in October, but James had only been arrested recently by U.S. marshals.

Officials with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission told WPTV that James pulled up for his order, and after a server handed a drink and turned around, James tossed the 3 1/2-foot gator into the drive-through window.

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“Why you in here kid?”

“Threw a live gator through the drive-through window of a Wendy’s.”

That’s how I imagine this guy’s first conversation went in jail.

Can you imagine being charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, larceny, poaching for throwing a baby gator through a drive-through window?

Not defending this guy.

Pestering minimum wage workers for laughs is a real dick move.

But those seem like some stiff charges for a prank that didn’t hurt anyone (other than the gator).

Only in Florida…

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