BRINKLEY, Ark. (KTHV) — The chief of the Brinkley Police Department is defending himself and his record after THV11 reviewed dash cam video that appears to show him being given preferential treatment during a traffic stop.

A viewer first alerted THV11 to the fact that Chief Edward Randle was pulled over while driving in Clarendon on Friday, October 21.

Video of the traffic stop, obtained from the Arkansas State Police, shows a state trooper pulling over a red pickup truck. Randle told THV11 that it is his personal vehicle, and that he was driving. The state trooper was asked to assist a Brinkley police officer with stopping Randle.

When the trooper approached Randle’s truck, he can be heard in the video laughing as he apparently recognizes who Randle is. The trooper does not ask for any identification. His first question was “Where are you going so fast?” Randle responded that he was headed to the game. He clarified to THV11 that he was scheduled to referee the Clarendon-Marvell football game that evening.

The Brinkley police officer then entered the video to approach Randle’s truck. The trooper says the officer had been following Randle for miles and called the ASP for help. As the officer walked up, Randle can be heard giving him a hard time.

“I know you didn’t call the State Police!” he says.

“I didn’t have your plate, so it didn’t go over,” the officer responds, which could indicate that, since the officer did not announce the truck’s license plate number into his radio, nobody else would know the chief had been pulled over.

After the trooper made a quick joke about getting a call because the truck was going so fast, the officer can be heard saying, “I had you locked in at 107.” Randle responded, “It won’t do 107. It’ll only do 95.”

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