Chili’s advertised free Veterans Day meals for service members. But not for black U.S. Army veteran Ernest Walker, who shot video of a confrontation with a manager who refused to honor the deal. The man came up to his table and took his food from him.

I ordered the waitress was wonderful. It took about 35 mins for meal to come. So when it arrived I gave her a tip and asked for a take out.

She said sure, at that point a old white guy wearing a Trump flag shirt walked by me on his way to the bathroom. He came back and asked me what unit did i serve in the 24th. I said no the 25th.

He said he was in World War 2 in Germany and we did not see people like you over there. They would not allow blacks.

I just listened he left then came back to bathroom again and pet my dog. So the waitress put food in a container.

Then the managers comes and says a guest at the restaurant says that your not a real Soldier. I reply what are you serious what guest?

The manager Wesley Patrick said can I see military ID. I felt that was reasonable for most people ask for that so I showed him my ID it checked out.

At that point all he should have said was ‘Sir I am sorry Thank you for your service and I would have left.

But instead he says ‘ the guest also says that your service dog is not a service dog. Now that’s when I got upset and started Recording so see for yourself what happened:

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