A bombing at Cairo’s largest Coptic cathedral killed at least 25 people and wounded 49, many of them women and children attending Sunday mass, in the deadliest attack on Egypt’s Christian minority in years.

The attack comes as President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi fights battles on several fronts. His economic reforms have angered the poor, a bloody crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood has seen thousands jailed, whilst an insurgency rages in Northern Sinai, led by the Egyptian branch of Islamic State.

The militant group has also carried out deadly attacks in Cairo and has urged its supporters to launch attacks around the world in recent weeks as it goes on the defensive in its Iraqi and Syrian strongholds.

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  1. Sandy

    Take a look at my avatar – this is the symbol being spray painted on the houses of Christians akin to the Star of David in NAZI Germany. Look up the words “nazarene wall Iraq” and you will see where an Islamic thug has spray painted the wall, then, the Islamic State comes along and stencils it. They have to convert, or pay the Islamic tax, “jizya” and become “dhimmis”, or second class citizens, or die. Christians are being slaughtered, and Obama did nothing. Trump will be coming to their aide, rest assured. Buy this symbol and wear it in support of our Christian brothers and sisters in defiance of Islam. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ac90804ec0230fe9374d64627fd4fbef925edd2f70323b8d34e1de7e5fd9ad7a.jpg


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