(Daily Mail) –  18-year-old Lee De Paauw almost had his armed ripped off by a monster four-metre long crocodile after jumping into infested waters in an attempt to win over glamorous British backpacker Sophie Paterson.

The foolhardy teenager was lucky to get away with his life, punching the huge reptile in the face after it sunk its jaws into his arm and tried to drown him in a ‘death roll’.

Tourist Sophie Paterson, 24, was having drinks with Mr De Paauw in the early hours of Sunday morning when she dared him to jump into the Johnstone River in the far north of Queensland.

The teenager, who lives nearby, foolishly went for it – only to be attacked by a huge saltwater crocodile that was lurking in the creek.

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Oh the links a boy will go to to impress a pretty girl…

You do have to respect the fact that he fought the crocodile off.

And allegedly getting the date.

You also have to love the reporter asking:

“Do you understand that most of the country think that you’re one of the stupidest people around?”

To which he responded:

“I’m not really…”

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