(FOX) – A woman became enraged and began shouting at Wisconsin’s ten electors after they cast their votes for President-elect Donald Trump.

“You’re pathetic. You don’t deserve to be in America!” the woman said after an official recited the vote total, “This is my America.”

“You have sold us out. Take me out, I don’t care,” she said as law enforcement removed her from the room.

Several other protesters chanted “shame, shame, shame”, apparently in support of the woman.

What is wrong with people?

Do they not understand that these electors are just doing their job?

This is how it works.

The people vote, the electors cast their vote based on the popular vote, and that decides the presidency.

What were they planning on accomplishing? Annoying the electors so much that they flip their votes?

You’re adults, it’s time to stop acting like whiney children that didn’t get their way.


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