For some background on this video, it was reportedly taken in Kazakhstan, where wolf hunting is still very popular—and arguably less controversial than it is in North America.

Traditionally, hunters employ specially-trained golden eagles to hunt wolves, but the art of training those majestic birds is dying out.

Many modern Kazakh hunters now use snowmobiles to pursue wolves, which is still a grueling—and as you can see below—dangerous method of wolf hunting.

In this video, two hunters chasing a wolf were able to bring it down, but not kill it.

As the hunters attempted to reload their shotgun, the wolf attacks the snowmobile, causing the driver to speed off.

The hunter with the shotgun gets off, presumably to get a better shot at the wolf, but then falls backwards as the predator charges at him.

The driver swings around and at the very last second, manages to run over the wolf before it could reach his friend.

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This is absolutely insane.

Not sure why there wasn’t a follow-up shot on the wolf, but talk about the guy on the snowmobile coming in clutch!

Too bad there isn’t additional video of what happened after wolf was run over.

The guy with the gun will hopefully come up with a different game plan next time they go hunting.

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