DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB)- Albany’s furry visitor made yet another appearance.

The loose Rhesus macaque monkey has been seen many times by viewers around Dougherty County.

This time it has decided to pop up in front of an Albany man’s trail camera.

His camera managed to capture a picture while the monkey was near a deer feeder in a 600-acre field off of 8 Mile Road.

The monkey has not been found.

Officials still want to remind people that if you see the monkey, do not approach or feed it.

Not sure how I would react to this.

Your rapidly flipping through photos, expecting/hoping to see a few deer, maybe some hogs then BOOM.

There’s a gosh-darn monkey.

There are way too many questions to be asked about this situation.

The main one being, why the hell is there a monkey loose in Albany, GA?

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