NRA Releases New Ad Aimed Directly At Hillary Clinton

The National Rifle Association endorsed Republican nominee Donald Trump early in the general election cycle and has spent millions of dollars since trying to convince Americans that Trump was the only option for those who want to preserve the Second Amendment.

Obama Pushes For UN Gun Treaty Ratification

The Obama administration upped its commitment to get the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty ratified, a tall order since a bipartisan coalition of 50 senators have already said they oppose the gun treaty Secretary of State John Kerry signed three years ago.

Nearly 80% of Gun Crimes in Pittsburgh Committed by Non-Gun Owners

If you listen to liberals like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Michael Bloomberg, you would think that every person who owns a gun is intent on committing some sort of violent crime involving their gun(s). According to them, everyone who walks into a gun shop and purchases a handgun or AR-15, is going to use it to shoot or threaten someone else.